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Wood Flooring in Albany, New York

Old is new again at Acme Wood Floors LLC! Specializing in refinishing services, our technicians painstakingly sand down your old floors and refinish them with the color of your choice. You simply won't believe what a difference a refinished hardwood floor can make to the overall look and feel of your home.

Floor Sanding & Refinishing
We use the best oil-modified, water-based finishes from Basic Coatings™, as well as dust-free finishes for individuals with sensitive allergies. All of our finishes are fast drying and VOC compliant. Floor sanding is available for both new and old flooring.

Ornate Installations
Acme Wood Floors LLC is the authority on exotic woods and custom stains. In fact, our favorite projects are those that demand the demonstration of our craft's finer skills, such as antiquing, distressing, hand-cutting custom parquets, and creating ornately patterned floors of exotic woods. Many of our exceptional floors have appeared in prestigious architectural books and periodicals!

Every job is different and we take the time necessary to understand your needs and expectations. For example, historic preservations and restorations require a far more delicate touch than most flooring contractors are capable of. We use a gentle hand with these elderly materials, coaxing renewed life and beauty from them.

Worker, Refinishing Services in Albany, NY
Custom Staining
Choose from a myriad of fabulous colors for your floor. We can match any blend just about any color. Acme Hardwood Floors has a large selection of quality stains to choose from, including quality Minwax™ products.
Worker, Refinishing Services in Albany, NY
Worker, Refinishing Services in Albany, NY

Notice these edges along the wall in the first photo has damage by another inexpensive sanding company. In the other picture the floor was re sanded by Acme Wood Floors LLC which the customer had to pay twice for a job that should have been done right the first time.

Basically not all sanding companies have crews that are competent enough to do what their profession is. I have other photos where we have had to re do other work from other contractors at the cost of the consumer. By hiring our company we will guarantee the work will performed right the first time, and we do not use sub-contractors, all work is done by owner or highly qualified workers within the company under the guise of the owner.

Flooring in Albany, NY

Flooring in Albany, NY

Flooring in Albany, NY

Flooring in Albany, NY

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